I work for Hill Holliday during the day. They recently asked me to write about my experiences with The Hungry Mouse for the agency blog. I was more than happy to.

Here’s an excerpt from my most recent article, Common Sense Tips for Blog Giveaways. You can read the full article here.

Article Excerpt

“As a blogger, I’d give my readers the world if I could. Really, I would.

That said, I’ll settle for fat, shiny prizes as often as I can.  This was No. 8 on my list of 10 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging, and it couldn’t be truer.

In addition to my job as a senior copywriter here at Hill, I also run The Hungry Mouse, a food blog dedicated to step-by-step recipes. I’ve run a handful of giveaways on my site over the last two years. As you can imagine, the better the prize, the more attention my post usually gets.

Companies are usually very willing to donate prizes to blogger giveaways. (And why wouldn’t they be? It’s free advertising.) Readers love giveaways because they have a chance to win something. Bloggers benefit from buzz and a bump in traffic.

Everybody wins.

For example, last December, I did a holiday giveaway blitz with one big-ticket item a week, all donated by the manufacturers. Week One was an espresso machine. Week Two was a food processor. Week Three was the holy grail of blenders, the Vita-Mix.

All told, I wound up with more than 700 entries. People spread the word online, and I saw a huge spike in traffic as a result.” (Keep reading…)

Common Sense Tips for Blog Giveaways

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