Sure, my opinion matters.
Yours matters a lot more.

Feedback is important. Here’s what some of my clients and colleagues have had to say about working with me. Full references available on request.

“Jessie’s a great writer with a huge range. She can handle tough, heavy-lifting financial stuff as well as short more conceptual assignments with equal ease. She gets social media because she lives it: her site/blog is fantastic. Multi-faceted, too. Photographer/author/chef/blogger. She makes the rest of us look like slackers. She’s quick, funny, smart, and a great team player. I’d work with her again in a second.”

EVP/Group Creative Director, Hill Holliday

“I had the honor to work with Jessie at Hill Holliday. She had the unique ability to quickly understand client situations and provide copy that was precisely on tone and on target. Whether Facebook posts, tweets, creative concepting, or longer form copy, Jessie always knew what to say and how to say it. She brought positive energy to the team and was a joy to work with.”

SVP Digital, Hill Holliday

“Great work gets made when you have Jessie on your team. She’s a copywriter that knows her craft and was a dream to work with. She understands who she’s talking to, what they want to hear and how to get anyone excited about anything. Good copywriters aren’t specialized in just one space and we were able to produce successful work in all disciplines while having a blast doing it.”

Digital Effects/Art Director, Hill Holliday

“Over the course of the past year, our team has worked together seamlessly to launch a new public website and a large campaign centered around the client’s new book and landing zone. Jessie Cross has played a key role in those projects as the lead writer. These two initiatives contributed to an overall messaging and design overhaul for the client, with the goal of significantly impacting public perception, client engagement, and lead generation for the business. Jessie worked closely with the client’s marketing and development groups against an aggressive timeline to help create a cohesive print and digital marketing presence consisting of multiple channels, including print, website, online advertising, email, direct mail, social (Twitter and LinkedIn), out of home, events, and a printed book and eBook. Through her work, Jessie has exemplified leadership and strategic and creative excellence in the way that she has collaborated with the wider team to achieve the goals for the business and the project.”

2014 Excellence in Action Award, Private Financial Firm

“I have worked with Jessie on a variety of projects ranging from institutional brochures to a consumer facing Facebook page, which proves the range of her writing abilities. She is a creative thinker who understands our client’s needs and is able to bring a fresh perspective to their work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

VP, Account Director, Hill Holliday

“Jessie and I worked together at Hill Holliday and she was always dependable, enthusiastic, and committed to whatever project she was assigned to. She created opportunities for herself, was highly motivated and was always collaborative and open to feedback and suggestions. She will be a fantastic addition to any creative department.”

—SVP, Group Creative Director, Hill Holliday

“Jessie is a thoughtful, detail-driven copywriter who is particularly adept at taking complex subject matter and making it both digestible and worth reading.

And if you ever read her food blog, her copy is most certainly digestible and in this case worth eating.”

—SVP, Creative Director, Hill Holliday

“I love working with Jessie—we discovered each other on the internet, and Jessie is an amazing photographer with a lively writing style, and I have enjoyed every minute of our collaborations together. She is a generous business partner and an enthusiast, which is very refreshing. I would work with Jessie any time.”

Editor in Chief/Chief Marketing Officer, Cookstr

“Finding a financial marketing writer who can constantly deliver breakthrough creative while educating the reader on a complex financial topic is rare. But that’s what you get in Jessie. Always on brand, always on strategy, and always on time. She sets the bar extremely high.”

Vice President/Creative Director, Hill Holliday

“In working with Jessie at Fidelity and Hill Holliday, it’s clear she’s a terrific creative talent and a strong writer who knows how to help clients achieve business goals. I’d always thought her main strength was in the financial services category until I checked out her amazing site, GO THERE!”

Vice President/Executive Creative Director, Private Financial Firm

“Jessie is a phenomenal financial services writer, who understands the intricacies of the industry and is able to craft compelling (and compliant) communications. But her talents don’t stop there. She is also adept at concepting and copywriting for other industries. Whatever the topic, Jessie brings thoughtful consideration to each assignment, along with a strong worth ethic and the desire to always hit it out of the park.”

SVP/Managing Director/Executive Creative Director, Hill Holliday

“Jessie is a pleasure to work with personally and professionally. Her grasp of our clients’ business strategy informs her exceptional work as a writer. She is proactive and positive to work with in every way. I would highly recommend her in any situation.”

Senior Vice President, Hill Holliday

“Smart, witty and talented — Jessie is a writer that has it all, while providing clients with compelling work that drives results. I had the pleasure working with Jessica and learned a great deal from her, from concept to copy to completed project. And check out her latest creative success,—YUM!”

Junior Art Director, Hill Holliday

“Jessie and I have worked at two organizations now where I have come to rely on her writing expertise in the financial services space. But unlike other financial service specific writers I’ve worked with, Jessie says grounded in regular life so her style maintains a smart, professional, but real tone. My clients appreciate the expertise she brings to the work, and her willingness to collaborate to find the right balance of information.”

Management Supervisor, Hill Holliday

“Jessie is an intelligent, creative and strategic writer. She came into the agency and was quickly on her feet, gaining knowledge of our clients complex products, branding and copy voice. She instilled confidence in all our clients with her calm, concise personality. Jessie is easy to work with, flexible and conceptual. I thoroughly enjoyed our creative days together and would work with her in an instant.”

Senior Design Supervisor, Private Financial Firm

“If you’re looking for fresh thinking, look no further than Jessie Cross. She has that rare ability to take an unexpected idea and craft it into a message that’s right on target. Smart, funny, and a dynamic presenter, Jessie is passionate about the business, which shines through in her copy, because every word sells. Oh yeah, she turns projects around on a dime. Need I say more?”

Creative Director, Private Financial Firm

“Jessie is a fantastic copywriter. She moves seemlessly from strategic conception to flawless execution, 
with aplomb. She’s also a pleasure to work with. Projects are executed on time and result in effective 
communications, that yield results. I’d love to work with her again.”

Group Account Supervisor, Private Financial Firm

“Jessie is fantastic! She is a very skilled copywriter. She has a solid understanding of marketing and business strategy. She is a valuable asset to have on a team. I enjoyed working with her!”

Account Supervisor, Private Financial Firm

Jessie has done some outstanding work in her brief time with us. She got our personalized website up and running in record time under extremely tough circumstances, coordinated trade shows, wrote case studies—basically doing whatever was required with style and grace.”

Vice President, TPC

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