HyperArts, a San Francisco Bay web development & SEO shop, quoted me as a blogging expert (along with Copyblogger…wow, thanks, guys!), in their Guide to Corporate Blogging and Guest Blogging.

They say:

Learn from the experts: These people blog professionally, so they know what they are talking about…

‘Be genuine. Your readers will know when you’re not. The Internet has a pretty good built-in BS detector. The other day, Adii, co-founder of WooThemes, tweeted, “You can’t buy loyalty and awesomeness.” He’s dead on with that.

Have a point of view. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unique, but you should be able to get behind it 110%. Stay focused.

Your blog is about you. But it’s also about your readers. If your audience is interested in what you’re saying, your blog will naturally evolve into one big two-way conversation.’

—Excerpted from 10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging, by Jessie Cross”

Hyper Arts Quotes Me as A Blogging Expert

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