My blog was hijacked.

Not this one. The other one. My food blog, The Hungry Mouse.

A few months ago, Chinese hackers stole my domain name and were fraudulently operating my website for weeks.

I just got it back. It wasn’t easy, and I had help from a handful of folks you might not expect, including Senator John Kerry and the FBI.

It sounds crazy, I know, but domain theft is a very real thing. Domain names are a commodity, and are subject to theft just like other property.

Could it happen to you? Whether you realize it or not, you might have something that someone else might want to steal and use to make a buck or two.

If you’re a blogger, please pay attention. If you know someone who runs a blog or website, please pass this along.

Even if you don’t run a website, read my full article.

You’ll learn about one of the most important things for keeping yourself safe online: Email security. Specifically, how to make your Gmail a lot safer by taking a few simple steps.

Read the full story on The Hungry Mouse.

My blog was stolen. Find out how I got it back.

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