I’m very excited to announce that I just signed the contract for my first book deal! (Can you see me glowing from there?)

Here’s the scoop.

The working title is Slushed: From Frozen Gin Fizz to Watermelon Margarita Sorbet—150 Icy Treats for the Coolest Happy Hour Ever.

The book will be a collection of easy-to-make, booze-infused frozen desserts (everything from pops to ice cream and frozen cocktails). It’s scheduled to be published by Adams Media in the Spring of 2012.

Read a little more on my food blog, The Hungry Mouse.

The deadline is pretty aggressive, so if you’re looking for me this summer, I’ll be in my kitchen commanding a small fleet of ice cream makers—writing recipes and shooting all the photography.

Stay tuned for more updates. It’s going to be a wild summer!

I got a book deal!

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